Make him cry when he sees you on the wedding day

They say "Men aren't supposed to cry!" 

We are finding more grooms nowadays can't hold back the water works when it comes to seeing there bride walking down the aisle.

It's all about that special moment when the groom firsy lays his eyes on his bride. You never know how you both are really going to feel, when you finally see each other. I know one thing looking absolutely stunning helps a lot!

Finding the perfect dress to show off your curves or whether it flatters your physical features is just a start to making him cry and knowing he picked the perfect person.

So..... pick a romantic song as you walk down the aisle. You can also surprise him with a few tears as well. But DON'T mess up that makeup.

If he's lost a buddy or family member he wishes were there incorporate a picture or sweet gesture. If you really want to see him choked up. Writing vows from the heart will definitely spark up some hidden emotions.

Most men say they get misty eyed because, they have found a person they can't wait to spend the rest of their life with. Everything leading up to the point of the ceremony will tie them two together. They experience emotions they have never felt before.

Yet, some men can not put there reaction into words seeing their bride for the first time. I believe something that gets you so emotional you can't explain into words in my book is PRICELESS!