Caring for your Gown

I know you are excited to try on your dress. This dress will hold some of your most precious memories. Here are some friendly reminders when caring for your gown.

  • Once you receive your wedding gown carefully remove gown from the box.
  • Please take tissue out of gown, inspect your dress & all items purchased.
  • On your wedding day, we suggest stepping into your gown and having someone help put on your shoes. 
  • Hang gown high as possible. Never on light fixtures where damage can occur.
  • Be sure to use the support straps sewn into the gown to relieve weight, that can help take pressure off sleeves (if any).
  • Leave in bag to prevent dust or bugs from landing on gown.
  • Also, make sure gown is stored in a room with cool temperatures that are Not hot or humid. 
  • Makeup stains- lightly coat that area with cornstarch  or baby powder to absorb the oil. Wait about 10mins and gently remove excess powder from fabric. This technique will hide the spot & prepare for professional care.
  • Wine stains- blot with a dry towel and apply powder as you did for makeup Never apply water where the stain might disperse.
  • Make sure to get your gown cleaned and preserved ASAP after the wedding to avoid permanent staining and discoloration.

        * Silk Garment*

  • Silk is a protein fiber and similar to human hair. Remembering this will help you when you think about the care and also cleaning it.
  • Wine stains- sponge out the area affected with club soda. Then dab the area with a mixture of cool water and ammonia, blot dry. 
  • Lipstick stain-a mixture of 3 tbsp. alcohol and 3 drops of baby shampoo works the best to remove makeup.