My Mission


I am Krishawna Parizon, Owner of Parizon's Bridal Suite. My decision to launch an online store is to 1st give great customer service. What better niche than to provide where it matters most during an important time in someone's life. Ahh!! Yessss! Wedding dresses.


After my wedding dress experience being a rough one, I knew this was my calling. I've listened to brides-to-be over and over again with the same concerns: No close locations, Make an appointment, (gathering people can be a job in itself.) You don't see anything you like, or the customer service is horrible at bridal stores. So I said " It’s time".  


My Mission: I want to take the hassle out of wedding dress shopping. Let’s make your experience memorable, without taking time out your busy schedule to make an appointment. Honestly wedding dresses can be expensive. Why not shop at Parizon's Bridal Suite? We’re a convenient online store that offers affordable high-end dresses with a better lead time than a brick and mortar. We also provide great 24/7 customer service! ALL of our dresses are 100% handmade in Central Europe (a wedding industry where it is a tradition) Every dress upon ordering is made specifically for that bride with love in every stitch. Only using the highest quality material. With hours spent sewing, loving, and caring for the dress until the finished product is absolutely to your satsifaction. 


This is YOUR wedding and at Parizon's Bridal Suite you come 1st. We’ll always try our best to accommodate you. Our hope is that you will love our collection and shop with us. Allow us to make your dream wedding come true!








Special Thanks to: Peter Parizon, Nautica, Gia, Peter(son), and Bishop Herbert Ross.